"You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free." (John 8:32)

Because it takes immense courage to purify, heal and to become truly free, thank you for buying our book.

Our primary goal is to convince our brothers and sisters on Earth to not take that 1st puff of marijuana ~ the gateway drug to even more serious narcotics and further spiritual and mental annihilation.

Now almost 9 years free of marijuana on January 3, 2019 after 45 years of severe and intense addiction, the stage is now set to release this text. 

Legalized in 10 American states and 9 other countries ~ whether recreational or some hybrid form, marijuana blocks the brain from downloads of The Holy Spirit; as well as tremendously facilitates mind control programming from the powers that shouldn’t be. 

Since God created marijuana, its medical use for specific and carefully scrutinized maladies when absolutely necessary, can be a proper remedy for pain reduction and increasing appetite. 

Always feeling since I was a very little boy that there was so much more to life than just our physical dimension, I ventured on many, many spiritual paths ~ as well as some not so spiritual, consciously and unconsciously seeking healing and striving for what was really the truth.

Realizing now after experiencing 68 spins around the sun that real healing takes place in Godly man-woman relationships, our ultimate goal is for you to truly be re-born and set yourself 100% free, by creating Divine Intimacy in your current or upcoming couplehoods.

That opposites attract is an asinine myth.

 Like-attracts-like; so choose to heal 100% and become the very best YOU ~ so that your powerful & pure energy vibration magnetizes the crystal-clear mirror partner you can immensely grow with spiritually.

The statistics are staggering: marriages in America lasting only 2 years; 25 year olds making love only 3 times per month; domestic violence taking place in 50% of all committed relationships; and HUGE masses addicted to marijuana, opioids and other mind controlling pharmaceuticals, alcohol, pornography, illegal drugs, violence, manipulated media and victim-hood drama. 

NOW is the time to truly heal ourselves 100% and stop skipping from partner to partner looking for love in all the wrong places.

Please learn from my mistakes and their ensuing corrections, and you will start the healing process by truly loving yourself ~ so that you can love others and others can love you!

By humbly asking our loving Father Yahweh to join you and your mate as the 3d partner in your relationship, you will open the door to a totally new, healed and refreshingly free life; that will provide you with utmost joyfulness, strength, compassion and the highest high of all ~ Unconditional Love. 

This then is the true story of how Yahweh intervened in my life through the inspiration of His Holy Spirit Ruach Hakodesh, His son and my role model Christ Jesus Yeshua and my wife and contributing partner Christine  ~ the amazing Biblical Woman that he lovingly placed in my path.