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Especially right now, when the seemingly "coincidences" in your life are trying to point you in the right direction ~ heed them!

Never believing in coincidences but in the serendipitous divine hand of God, my metaphysical work in the fourth dimension is becoming more and more frequently realized.

Sought-after manifestations are being co-created almost effortlessly, thanks to my powerful prayers and personal Divine Intimacy relationship with Ruach Hakodesh (The Holy Spirit in Hebrew).

If you've moved around a lot in the past months or years, you are getting the intuitive nudge that it's time to be PRESENT and stay put, and refrain from continually running away from your issues.

Even if your past adventures have seemed like just that - adventures for the sake of it ~ there is something profoundly important about being able to stay PRESENT where you are and work through whatever emotions arise.

Having moved at least 25 times in my life from my city of birth San Francisco to Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico to Los Angeles, Los Angeles to Tampa, Tampa to Sarasota and Sarasota to Frankfurt, Germany, etc., etc., etc. I treasure having stayed put living full-time with Christine in her house for the last 11+ years.

A frequent-flier, hotel and rental car Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Tin, Rubber, Plastic, etc., awards junkie for over 30 years of my life, I also saw through that ego gratification and finally realized the magnificent blessing and joy of staying peacefully in just one place.

As you grow 4th dimensionally, the racing irrational thoughts that you noticed once in a while are now becoming totally clear to you.

You're realizing how much your brain creates what it wants to see in reality, and how your biases and subjectivity influence what you experience and feel.

Change your perceptions ~ change your reality!

After 45 years of severe drug and alcohol addiction and NOW 11 years totally free & clean(!), I have been working diligently and purposefully to eliminate having a hive mind and thought hamster-wheeling for quite a while now.

Finally, I most certainly know how my brain is influenced by my ego ~ that creates biases and subjectivity that I always sought to have validated by my inner circle.

Since only Christine and my daughter Alexandra comprise “my inner circle”, I have totally eliminated the need for egoistic and narcissistic validation and I am 100% AWARE and gratefully embrace what I am experiencing and feeling.

Christ Yeshua ~ The Master Metaphysician declared:

"We must be like little children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

And like Peter Pan, I have never wanted to "grow up" in the societal paradigm ~ ESPECIALLY THIS ONE!

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