As previously stated before just Blogging in its entirety Divine Intimacy ~ the last and 54th chapter of my autobiography "MY ZIG~ZAG TO HEALING", I have decided to no longer be like St. John the Baptist ~ “The voice of one crying in the wilderness."

"Prepare ye the way of the Lord, Make His paths straight."

Recently Blogging @ least 75 times about the Satanic Freemason 1 World Order Cult, Bill & Melinda Gates' corona virus & vaccine, permanent planetary economic decimation, etc., etc., ad nauseam, I am immensely grateful to all of the recent New Testament Sages & Prophets of Truth:

° Sir David Icke

° Really Graceful

° Christian Westbrook

Commencing with tomorrow's Blog, I will be posting daily chunks of the remaining 53 chapters until the entire book has been shared.

Penned not for fame or fortune, I trust that my tome can help even 1 person to heal ~ learning from my 100% true misadventures multiple severe addictions and my indefatigable love and gratitude to my Savior + Redeemer Christ Yeshua.


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