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Updated: Dec 24, 2020

In this Satanic Freemason Pedophiliac Eugenicist 1 World Order Cult's transhumanistic collective hive-mind agenda which Christ Yeshua will easily defeat, the "new abnormal normal" and "reset" is for humankind to sadly trudge along looking down and forlorn feeling depressed without hope.

The forthcoming painting by Greg Olson depicts Christ Yeshua looking UP at the heavens which He created.

He knows the name of each and every star in the universe ~ just as He knows the name of each one of us. 

Jesus said that even all the hairs on our head have been counted!

That should instill in us tremendous comfort and peace, knowing that God knows everything about us and is ALWAYS right next to us to comfort, protect, heal, support, enlighten and bless us Eternally.

So don’t ever be afraid and always look UP.

YOU are more valuable to God than an entire galaxy!

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