Alcol ~ enemigo siniestro meaning "alcohol ~ enemy spirit" in Spanish, dangerously mind altering and body punishing hard liquor or high percentage distilled alcohol was made legal by the powers that shouldn’t be for their own unjust causes and greedy profits.

Instead of marijuana that was readily available in 1967 at Bishop Riordan ~ my San Francisco Roman Catholic High School, alcohol was my entry drug and was the last of my 17 assorted Achilles Heel addictions that I finally conquered. Starting to drink 6 packs of beer by myself when I was 15, I already had been arrested for drunk driving 3 times by 1983.

A mind numbing drug ~ and alcohol is a drug that altered my consciousness causing me at times to act brave, silly, aggressive, funny and sometimes utterly stupid, alcohol was a pythonic poison that I refused to admit had its deadly stranglehold on me.

I spent 5 nights in jails around The United States due to my slippery slope addiction. Thinking it cute and funny that I was driving on automatic pilot drinking to the point of blacking out behind the wheel, I was a tremendous danger to my fellow man ~ especially my children when I assumed the role of “party dad” in Miami’s South Beach.

Easily could have been arrested hundreds upon hundreds of times causing my 4th and final DUI relegating me to walking or riding a bicycle the rest of my life, my previous motto was the Eagles’ “Take me to the limit one more time.”

Always entropically thinking that it was tough guy cool to drink others under the table no matter what damage I was doing to my mind and body, I finally started to cut back a few years ago. But then again the diminution was relative, foolishly thinking that if I could walk and not fall down ~ I was doing quite okay.

Having to drive in Frankfurt, Germany on very, very few occasions on a couple of glasses of wine that I found totally disgusting, I was graced that it was after super long evenings enhanced by 2 hour-long sumptuous dinners.

Being born and raised in San Francisco with Napa Valley and its world-class vineyards in my backyard, folks felt it strange that I no longer drank wine and then living in Germany ~ the world’s Cathedral of beer consumption, that I no longer embraced their bubbly lagers and ales.

After a lifetime of getting as wasted as I possibly could and “still maintain” and being thrown in a bed that would not stop turning like a merry-go-round, I am finally at peace that a non social-pressured sobriety is now my new normal. It feels wonderful to not be constantly Pink Floyd-like “comfortably numb.”

Besides the ubiquitous homosexuality, incest, weed smoking, ecstasy swallowing on almost all of the 24/7 streaming series on NETFLIX, it disgusts me to see the non-stop imbibing of brown alcohol day and night by the "cool" people.

As KJ Ozborne of The Scariest Movie Ever on YouTube so eloquently confirms, " we are being subliminally programmed by the programs."

Recent data reveals that because of the global house arrest, alcohol consumption is hitting all time highs; and so is synergistically related domestic violence, opioid consumption and the resulting skyrocketing suicide rates.

Thank God declining to not even snort heroin ~ much less shoot it in the late 60's, eschewing all drugs including aspirin a HUGE part of my always progressing self-actualization, I really enjoy thinking clearly, feeling that my body is healthy and that I do not need anything except for God, my wife Christine and my daughter Alexandra to be heavenly happy.

Because alcohol is a very, very sneaky drug, for some folks even the 1st drink is the portal to non-stop addiction.

Together with Alcoholics Anonymous' 12 Step Program, a Divine Intimacy relationship with Ruach Hakodesh (The Holy Spirit in Hebrew) is THE key to maintaining control of alcoholic addiction.

Please feel free to contact Christine and myself if we can be of spiritual counsel to avoid:

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