Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Once the remote prison center for England, the entire country of Australia has now been placed in solitary confinement by the 1 World Order Cartel.

The corona virus PLANNEDEMIC is creating the biggest crisis for Australia’s federal system since 1901, when six disparate British colonies in the so-called Great Southern Land united to win collective independence.

The country has never been as divided as it is now.

State borders that were previously little more than photo opportunities are now fortified in a bid to keep out residents from Covid-hit places.

Separated family members are defying police orders by hugging each other across barricades, and some Australians have been denied the right to retrieve their children or visit dying relatives!

Before this PLANNEDEMIC, no one would have cited freedom of movement between states and to and from overseas, as being important or significant to Australians, because it was just assumed.

But those rights have been drastically reduced, and that will forever change people’s conceptions of where they fit in the political order and even how they relate to authority.

ReallyGraceful ~ a New Testament Sage, confirms the despicable communistic actions being brutally enforced in one of the most beautiful and diverse lands on the planet:


° Instead of keeping criminals in THEIR OWN country, England shipped 168,000 convicts to Australia from 1788 to 1868.

° "Free" citizens traveling from 1 state to another must quarantine and download an Orwellian-type ap that has biometric facial recognition and GPS built-in.

° At random, the STATE will activate the ap that must be answered in 15 minutes, or the police will be knocking on citizens doors.

° Australia is building HUGE quarantine camps for future political prisoners.

° The 1 World Order Cartel is purposely destroying civil liberties and life quality in Australia, so that it will be the model totalitarian virus for the entire planet!!!

Christ Yeshua said:

"What therefore God hath joined together, let not man break apart."

Specifically pertaining to marriage between males and females, I believe that this declaration pertains to families as well.

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