As a child growing up in San Francisco during the 50's, accompanying my Mom to our local Bank of America was similar to getting prepared and dressed for church.

Wearing our Sunday best, I felt a reverence walking into this tall cathedral-like structure, decorated with marble columns and adorned with mahogany wooden teller stations and officer desks.

60 years later, today's bank branches have all the flair of a waiting room in a car wash.

In 2020, also San Francisco-based Wells Fargo ~ the fourth largest bank in the United States, agreed to pay $3 Billion to settle its civil and criminal probes into the heinous accusations of rampant fraudulent sales practices.

Wells Fargo executives pressured their rank-and-file bank personnel to aggressively cross-sell products to enhance sales and revenue to meet certain quotas.

These middle-management Wells Fargo employees created MILLIONS of savings and checking accounts for customers WITHOUT THEIR KNOWLEDGE OR APPROVAL!

Please invest just 6 minutes to learn the latest Wells Fargo CRIME that will immensely impact the lives of ALL Americans and eventually the entire world:

(69) Wells Fargo Shuts Down All Personal Lines of Credit - YouTube

Critical Points:

° ALL Personal lines of credit will be eliminated

° Credit scores that will morph into Chinese-like SOCIAL CREDIT SCORES will be negatively affected

° This is another major step in the centralization and consolidation of the American banking system, facilitating The U.S. Federal Reserve (NOT owned by "We the people") in becoming THE bank of the 1 World Order Cartel, by digitalizing its currency.

This horrific situation is another GIANT leap into satan's lair.

As Christ Yeshua declared:

"Give unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and give unto God the things that are God's.


(69) Drake - Money In The Grave (Music Video) ft. Rick Ross - YouTube

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