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With so much deliberately caused anxiety and angst to mind-control us by the Satanic Freemason 1 World Order Cult's plannedemic, it's a blessing to avail ourselves of a 100% natural stress reliever that is LEGAL, non-addictive, inexpensive, readily available and actually works!

The Bay Leaf Therapy:

° Burn 20 whole leaves in a closed environment (bathroom) and inhale smoke directly through both mouth and nostrils. ° Stay in the room for @ least 15 minutes after burning and then take 20 deep Wim Hof  breaths before exiting. I've been on this therapy once a month for 1 year and its effects on my mind and life quality have been tremendously rewarding. Relaxing the brain completely, it refreshes the consciousness to: ° Focus laser-like  ° Be immensely creative ° Pray more intensely ° Intuit preternaturally  ° Thought discern rapidly ° Orgasm like a Blue Whale ° Sleep & dream like an Ice Bear

The origin of bay leaves goes all the way back to ancient Greece, where they were known as laurel leaves and considered to be sacred.  The Oracle at Delphi  would chew on bay leaves in order to invoke divine inspiration.  I find it easier and much, much more effective to breathe in the smoke.  The word narcotic is derived from the Greek word narkos ~ meaning sleep.  The bay leaf has the ability to induce a trance-like ~ semiconscious state; as well as relieves pain and numbs specific areas of the body where needed.  Bay leaf enzymes bind to painkilling sites in the brain, thus slowing down the uptake of neurotransmitters like dopamine between neurons.  A reduction in pain results; as well as a totally relaxing loopiness and a euphoric feeling of well-being.

Used for thousands of years in natural healing, bay leaves have anti-fungal, antiseptic, astringent, anti-cancer, sexually stimulative and digestive properties. 

They have also been used as a treatment for influenza, respiratory problems and also to stimulate appetite.

Never needing any help with my once voracious appetite since I was born and especially now on OMAD (One Meal A Day) for 2 years, I enjoy my Bay Leaf Therapy simply for its creative effect as well as feeling very relaxed and focused as I write.

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