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A Preternatural blessing to experience a Garden of Eden zoo without borders in The Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, a purposeful long ago planned grim reality has been irrevocably set in place regarding our world's God-given animals.

Sticking his neck out like Ginny the Giraffe, Christian Westbrook ~ The Ice Age Farmer, yesterday documented the latest and all-encompassing totalitarian control of the entire planet's food supply:

Sneakily during his deliberate 24/7 distractions, trump and his fellow demonic puppet minions in conjunction with key Freemason 1 World Order Cult member IBM ~ who deftly computerized the Nazi extermination camps are:

° purposely corona virus infecting meat plants and farms around the world

° enforcing the dictatorially created EO13917 Defense Production Act

° invoking the totalitarian USDA/FDA MoU

° imposing the Department of Defense's Artificial Intelligence Planetary Supply Chain

These satanic laws developed to control to the extent of the identification and inventory of INDIVIDUAL coffee beans, has never been voted upon by "We the people" and of course is being paid for by our tax dollars and €uros.

Admiring Christian's moxie and my also being an eternal optimist, it is realistically too late for my wife Christine and I to start growing our own food. Believing that there are Billions of fellow humans in the same situation just like us, the best way to fight the Cult's power is at the cash register.

Choose not to buy their GMO CRISPR technology food that will transhumanize us so grotesquely, that even God Himself would not recognize us!

Moreover, who wants to be Stasi-like accused and imprisoned at a FEMA Death Camp because of carrying home-grown green beans in the back seat...........

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