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Whenever my fever pitch screaming would hit their breaking point upstairs and deathly afraid that the neighbors would call the police, one of them would come down and finally let me out.

Time heals most wounds, and after quite a few sessions of sentencing me to solitary confinement, they stopped collectively talking bad about my father in front of me.

Sure, when my father’s child support checks bounced ~ as most of the time they did and my Mom was hit with overdrawn bank charges on top of not receiving the money that she really desperately needed, she would gently call him an “infeliz” (the unfortunate one).

Lita monikered him the “desgraciado” (the disgraceful one) and Lito branded him the “pedazo de mierda” (the piece of shit).

Because Costa Rican Spanish has its own cultural distinctions, these terms could be totally incorrect to other Hispanics.

Blessed with always wanting to earn money and receiving a then generous allowance of $1.00 per week in 1957 (worth $9.00 today!), I opened a Christmas Club savings account at Bank of America at the ripe old age of 7 ~ my lifetime lucky and Biblical number of God.

Knowing the value of money so early in life, I understood the extra loss that my Mom would feel with those bounced checks.

Lessons learned as a young cub:


That very hurt people really hurt people like my mom & grandparents did to me, and that I must see beyond my own pain and understand theirs; as well as to forgive them immediately, unconditionally and eternally.


For Lita choosing love of family versus career independence and money.


Inspiration + Perspiration = success in my earning money to always share with others.

It was cool to say that working smart was the only way.

BUT if we don't work hard intelligently ~ what we hold in Divine Mind will not manifest.

1 of Lita's greatest lessons for me was that if I would plant a seed, God would plant 2 for me.

Bottom line________ God wants to see OUR intentions (prayers) and passion before gracing us with an extra blessing.

And in my life ~ He always did!