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“BORN TO BE WILD”: chapter 5 page ~ 1

Such an apropos title for my life thanks to Steppenwolf’s 60’s rock anthem, I was born in the University of California Hospital across the street from Golden Gate Park; where in a few years I would sow some very, very wild seeds……..

My father wanting to christen me Doel Rafael after himself, my mother was not any too happy about it.

She never cared for that strange name “Doel” and obviously not her chief pediatric nurse as well.

When the nurse asked my mom what name are you going to give that little guy, my mom hesitantly responded “Doel”?

“How in the world can you label that beautiful child with such an ugly name like that!” the nurse retorted.

When my mom asked her for suggestions, the nurse immediately came up with “Albert”.

So began the very 1st and surely not the last heated discussion relative to my future.

A compromise was reached between my parents and I was baptized where they had been previously married in St. Peter & Paul Church as Alberto Rafael Garcia de Schielzeth.

As an infant and very young child, I was blessed with an uncanny awareness of invisible entities and their vibrations.

Endowed with a profound spiritual birthright and God-heart, I clearly can still see myself holding the rails on my crib and peering curiously at the friendly and invisible to others “beings”, that from time to time visited my room.

Later on in my childhood, their moving to the empty lot next door and becoming “not so friendly” caused very vivid and frightening nightmarish experiences.

Hearing my name clearly called-out in the middle of the night and peeking out the window and finding nobody there, it happened several times until I asked Jesus to protect me and they finally disappeared.

For a while.....................

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