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I flew into Raleigh, North Carolina during such a severe storm bearing hurricane force winds, the pilot had to land sideways.

Fearing that the little plane might tip over, the captain screamed "brace for impact!"

That is exactly what Christian Westbrook is alerting us to relative to the impending economic Perfect Storm, as depicted in the year 2000 catostrophic movie.

A New Testament Sage, Christian's documentary on the confluence of 3 major global economic disasters, details the seriousness of what is REALLY happening RIGHT NOW @ lightning speed:

1) HYPERINFLATION = printing & printing tons of Monopoly game-like worthless money.

2) ENGINEERED SHORTAGES = poultry, gasoline, grains and soon beef.

3) SUPPLY CHAIN BREAKDOWN = purposely manipulated logistics disasters.

Just like a carnivore such as myself would eat a 2 pound porterhouse steak 1 bite at a time, you may choose to view Christian's video in mentally digestable portions:

Christian's chief "bullet" points on the evil doings of The 1 World Order:

° Herding humankind into the cities for easier control.

° Refusing to ship commodities to rural areas.

° Exploding food prices.

° Causing starvation that will create riots in the streets.

° Manipulating FAKE gas shortages.

° Creating FAKE semi-conductor shortages eliminating automobile production.

° Developing lab grown proteins and disease and mind-controlling GMO foods.

° Unleashing digital currency that will control WHAT we can buy.

° Causing droughts with weather manipulating and weaponized HAARP/TESLA technology.

Just as Christian confirms, this triumvirate of economic disaster was planned DECADES ago.

It actually began with Chase Bank owner Rockefeller and his Secretary of State Kissinger meeting with Deng Xiaoping in1971.

And was further accentuated with the intentionally planned Kuwait war in 1991, resulting in China buying oil at 10¢ on the dollar and fueling their economic explosion.

Bottom line__________China IS America's factory and will never be bombed.

The #1 manufacturer of 85% of the freight containers in the world, China was instructed to stop production, resulting in the current dire shortage that will only continue to spiral downwards.

Competing for food with animals is literally defiling God's creations and slapping Him in the face.

Vaccinating 100% of the world will NEVER bring back life as it was.