Originated in1957 in my hometown of San Francisco, "The Wonderful World of Brother Buzz" was a must-see for me after school because of my deep inherent love for animals.

The show's purpose was to educate children on animals and describe their behavior, habitats, food selection and most importantly ~ to love them for their God-created uniqueness.

Today's world desperately needs a Brother Buzz type show to bring back the innocence that violent/porn video games as well as the unsupervised and unregulated heroin-like addictive use of cell phones and the internet have destroyed.

The forthcoming video link is of utmost import because in a short 4 minutes, The Truth focused lady narrator succinctly describes the Freemason satanically governed United Nation's AGENDA 21 passed in 1992 by 179 countries to create their 1 World Government.

A few key points:

° Their "corporatocracy" globalization's chief goal is the standardization and control of our planet's water, food supply, education, energy, law enforcement, etc., through their Inventory Control Plan.

° Their Wildland Project already quite a few years in effect is to drive everyone out of the Earth's beautiful pristine rural areas and into their prison-like Concentrated City Centers, to very soon live in abject poverty.

° Their 3 "E's" ~ Economy, Ecology and Equity have been solely created for the 1/10 of 1%'ers. Their plan for us useless eaters is to completely take away our personal freedom and mind control us into their own collective singular conscious hive mind terrarium.

Agreeing 100% with the narrator, we must become our own "media" and share these awful facts with as many people as possible, before AGENDA 21 becomes our unreal reality.

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