Just like Wimpy in Popeye cartoons, my life is centered on always finding the best cheeseburger ~ which he always promised Bluto "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today".

Problem was Wimpy never went out of his house on Tuesdays............

Even though yesterday was Tuesday, I paid for the very best cheeseburger in ALL of Frankfurt.

Acting loopy ~ which is my normal as I sauntered around the entrance of Skyline Plaza, I noticed a cool looking trailer to my left that advertised "Smash Burgers".

Called Urban Ranch @ their aroma was so enticing, I never entered the mall.

Energetically engaged with wonderfully genial founders/proprietors Nafiz and Luqman ~ the ultimate non-prototypical millennials, I ordered The Thanos Burger :

2 juicy freshly ground patties + 4 cheese slices + razor sliced red onions + lettuce + tomatoes + honey caramelized onions on a fresh buttered grilled bun ~ mucho delicioso!!!

And the fresh-cut piping hot french fries were an outstanding side dish.

As I effected immediately on Google Map Contributions yesterday, I gave these outstanding gentlemen a ******* SALUTE!



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