° La Nouba is a Broadway class, original theatrical production with incredible staging and lighting, energizing original music and dazzling special effects.

° Cirque du Soleil began in 1984 as a small group of traveling former Olympians, acrobats, contortionists, dancers, operatic singers and world-class musicians whose mission was to invoke the imagination, provoke the senses and evoke the emotions of people around the world."

° The premise behind La Nouba is described best by the program: "Once upon a time, a door opened and two worlds collided. Dreams clashed with reality."

° The mundane mixed with the marvellous. It was no longer possible to tell where one world began and the other ended. This new place was called "La Nouba." Sounds familiar in these times?

° As the spectacle begins, the house lights dim and a spotlight shines on a performer playing a haunting solo piece on the trumpet. Like Pan ~ the demonic Pied Piper, he begins by walking the perimeter of the theater with the other cast members following.

° As the show continues on the main floor, there is so much happening on the stage that it is hard to focus on just ONE performance. Sounds kinda familiar?

° Even though there is only one stage, there is a surreal feeling of a three-ring circus.

° Performers are moving about constantly. There always seems to be dancers in the background while the main act is being performed in the front part of the stage.

° Now very familiar???

Christian "The Ice Age Farmer", does a super job in researching the facts relative to the trade-off of accepting totalitarian control measures for the rapidly decreasing food supplies; amid all of the purposely created distractions:

° The corona virus.

° The "house arrest" lockdowns.

° Useless masks for us "useless eaters".

° Gestapo extermination camp distance protocol.

° Bottom line_____The Cult purposely destroyed the global economy forevermore and will very soon start a false flag World War III in the Middle East pitting China against the U.S.

War will never take place in China because it is Amerika's factory founded by Rockefeller and Kissinger in 1967 and paid for by the millions of innocent lives lost in the 2 Iraq wars and the never ending Afghanistan war for heroin.


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