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A very inherent Buddhist as well as Christian tenet, blessing our fellow man with compassion is 100% trusting in God's infinite caring for ALL of OUR earthly needs.

Yeshua's victory at Calvary opened the gates of Heaven for us, yet as long as we live in the temporal 3d dimensional world, we need clean air, pure water, healthy food to sustain our bodies and a safe place to live.

Cognizant that over 260,000,000 of US are already living in destitute poverty, compassionate sharing is needed NOW more than ever!

With Billions of pounds of God-given food being dumped to make room for the Satanic Freemason 1 World Order's "fake GMO Crispr food", the world could face multiple famines of biblical proportions within a few short months, the time is NOW to act compassionately!

Dr. Todd Michael's "The Hidden Parables" helps us discern the activation POWER of The Christ's teachings and provides 3 insights into all 30 parables:

° The literal biblical account

° The metaphysical interpretation

° The Divine Lens esoteric meaning

The parable of The Good Samaritan recounts that there were 2 "religious" passerbys that ignored a fellow human in desperate need, and where the 3d secular traveler passing by chose to bandage the severely beaten and robbed man and paid a hotel room for him until he was completely healed.                         

As Jesus taught in this lesson, we must ALL be Good Samaritans by automatically being moved with compassion. At this point in our spiritual evolution seeing those in need and feeling compassion for them is not enough ~ far from it.

To truly progress through the mastery of this parable sequence, we must act Christicly loving in a more rapid, reliable and consistent manner ~ ALWAYS!

Altruistic compassion must become an integral part of our spiritual DNA.

We must automatically be willing to share our Time, Talent and Treasure with our front line ministry ~ those that God puts smack dab in our paths:

° Listening attentively to the concerns of others.

° Helping someone with a writing project or landscaping conundrum.

° Holding a door open for an elderly or handicapped person.

Yeshua proclaimed: "Truly I tell you, when you act with compassion to one of the least of my brothers and sisters, you are doing it to me!"