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After 14 months the puppet masters are still respectlessly swaying us back & forth.

As a 1960's San Francisco Hippie expat living in beautiful Frankfurt, Germany now 10 years, I feel that the ties that bind are getting pulled ever tighter.

Recently, the world has been given false flag hopes that some cities are going to re-open for Summer vacations:

But just a few hours later the evil string pullers proclaim that we must be stored away again in our little wooden box homes, because the corona virus death rate just unimaginably jumped 300%.

8 Billion of us must get our scissors out and slash the cords that they want to control our every thought and movement with through their satanic FEAR.

Yahweh (God in Hebrew) who blessed us with a FREE will and created us in His eternal image and likeness of powerful, joyful unconditional love proclaimed:

"I have good plans for you. I do not plan to hurt you.

I plan to give you hope and a good future."

Let us now declare and claim His promise!

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