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Updated: May 25, 2021

The United States Library of Congress confirms that the corona virus was patented in 2006 by an infamous eugenicist technocrat in cahoots with BIG PHARMA.

The United States Library of Congress also confirms that in 2015, the same eugenicist technocrat together with BIG PHARMA, patented the satanic "Mark of the Beast" corona virus tattoo vaccine.

In 2017, Regina Dugan ~ former DARPA operative explains quite succinctly the user-friendly and safety (?) measures of the RFID chip tattoo @:

Then after RFID chipping most of humankind, "the powers that should not be" will ALWAYS know exactly:

° where we are

° who we are with

° what we are spending OUR money on

° how much

° and most importantly ~ dictating what WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BUY!

7 vaccine manufacturing plants are being built around the world to manufacture the RFID vaccine tattoo.

It will be a receptor for the already installed world-wide 5G network, and will receive instructions transmitted to our brains for THE 1 WORLD ORDER'S total control. 

The Rothschild central bank empire and 6 major corporations own 80% of the entire planet's assets!

Through their decades ago plotted corona virus plannedemic distraction, they initially and forever will control us and punish us:

° through the permanent decimation of the entire world's economy

° by millions upon millions of us losing our jobs

° by providing false hope "communist" stimulus money

° by enforcing house arrests and curfews

° by mandating the never going away non-protective masks

° through the established Gestapo distance protocols

° with permanently closed restaurants, vacation plans constantly scuttled, etc., etc., etc.

Please invest just 9 minutes to learn from ReallyGraceful's meticulous and prophetic 2020 research on their demonic agenda of the cancellation of physical money:

Confirmed by eminent author G. Edward Griffin in his powerful "The Creature of Jekyll Island", the 1/10 of 1%'ers hide behind the Federal Reserve.

An institution that is NOT owned by "We the people" ~ but instead by the Rothschild's global central banking empire.

Soon our cash and coins will be mandated obsolete and we will be relegated to exclusively effecting digital bank transfers and only using "chipped" credit cards.