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In his 1932 book titled Brave New World, Aldous Huxley 100% accurately prophesized today's global mind control catastrophe:

The victim of mind manipulation does not know that he is a victim. To him the walls of the prison are invisible and he believes himself to be free."

If most of us remain ignorant of ourselves, it is because self-knowledge is painful and we prefer the pleasures of illusion.

The key to becoming the best version of yourself and REALIZE who you really, really are, as well as attracting the right partner in life, is to 1st take your time and self-actualize.

Yes, an introspective SOUL MRI can be painful, but in the long run it is the greatest gift that a person can give themselves.

Dr. Abraham Harold Maslow ~ a preeminent 20th century psychologist, described the good life as one directed towards self-actualization ~ our life’s pinnacle need.

Self-actualization occurs when you maximize your potential by achieving peak experiences, while doing the very best that you are capable of doing; as well as not punishing yourself when you fall short of your goals.

Dr. Abraham Harold Maslow’s Motivation and Personality book outlines the necessary steps to achieving self actualization:

° Embrace the unknown and the ambiguous ~ purposely seek-out the mysteries of life!

° Accept yourself together with all of your flaws; knowing that life is a school of continuous growth.

° Prioritize and enjoy every bit of the journey ~ not just the destination.

° Being inherently unconventional ~ but do not seek to shock or disturb for approval's sake.

° Be motivated by growth ~ not by the satisfaction of needs.

° Have purpose ~ working on the REALLY meaningful growth aspects.

° Be not troubled by the small things ~ instead always focus on the “bigger” picture.

° Be grateful ALWAYS just like the 50,000 year old Aborigine culture ~ maintaining a fresh sense of wonder and thankfulness to God for everything.

° Share deep relationships with just a chosen discerned few ~ but also feel identification and affection towards the entire human race.

° Be humble, teachable and get out of your own way and most importantly ~ God’s way; becoming more attuned to your inner nature and inner voice; as well as comporting in concert with whom you really, really are.

° Do not allow yourself to be passively molded by the 1 World Order Cartel's manipulated and weaponized mainstream media and social platforms by making YOUR own decisions.

Never accepting all things offered like sheep, nor rejecting all things like the average anarchical rebel.

° Accept being not perfect; avoiding disillusionment with human nature and giving up your illusions about it.

° Create an on-going process for reaching your true potential and doing ALL of the necessary work needed to realize your ultimate goals.

° Behave more loving and accepting of all others ~ as well as YOURSELF.

I have finally learned @ 70 that perfection is paralysis.

Still always striving for excellence, my acceptance of people, situations and things just as they are has given me a peace far greater than understanding.

Calling it Divine Allowance, I have come to terms with the world not always being my friend ~ that bad things happen to good people and that ultimately I will die.

Thank God, never fearing death knowing that Earth is just my temporal home, that is why I fear nothing!

Since Christ Yeshua said that “we need to be like little children to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven”, I choose to constantly view the world and my fellow man with childlike wonder.

Enjoying every bit of our journey together and blessed with our ongoing DAILY self actualization, I have been graced to have attracted my wife Christine ~ my very best friend over the last 10 years and ever, forever in my life.

From the beginning of creation, "God made them male and female."

Christ Yeshua proclaimed:

"For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh."

"So they are no longer two, but one flesh.

Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate."

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