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"COSTA RICA TAPROOTS": chapter 2~page 5

Because young and Hollywood handsome Lito always had a wandering eye and kept several mistresses busy during their early marriage, it was an easy decision for Lita to move to San Francisco in 1943.

She often repeated: "mi vida ha sido un valle de lagrimas" (my life has been a valley of tears).

Away at the time and working on the Panama Canal’s Gatun Lock, Lito apologized for his cheating on her and followed Lita to San Francisco 6 months later, never to repeat his adulterous ways.

Since World War II was still raging in 1943, entry into the U.S. with a German last name like Schielzeth was challenging ~ to say the very least.

Lita, my mom and aunt could not enter the Untied States directly from San Jose, Costa Rica ~ having to arduously travel by train to Vancouver, Canada and apply for entry visas.

My Great Grandparents Hans & Cruz and Rosa & Camilla all died in their early 60's, probably totally exhausted from having so many kids!

Living to 105 and 92 years old respectively, my Grandparents Lita & Lita lamentably could not take time off of their union jobs to attend their parents' funerals so many days away.

What my ancestral family narrative taught me:


To always venture forth in a Godly faith like Hans did sailing a wooden ship from Germany and Cruz riding horseback from Colombia all the way to the land of the unknown ~ Costa Rica.

As well as Amalia, Lita and Lito traveling to San Francisco without housing or employment certainty.


To accept all people as they are no matter their skin color or ideological belief.


As Amalia always did, share from the heart with those you love.


Since divorce and separation were a rarity in 1943, Lita chose to run her own race by leaving Costa Rica and moving to San Francisco.

Just as Lito lamented not being a doctor/surgeon, Lita and my mom both wanted to be teachers.

My hands-on tutor all my life, Lita warned me about not copying my friends’ bad examples by counseling “if your amigos all jump-off the Golden Gate Bridge are you going to follow?”