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Updated: Oct 14, 2021

The 1 World Order Cartel "puppet masters" are respectlessly swaying us back & forth with non-stop distractions, fake hopes and false flag FEAR inducing reports:

As prophesized in Revelation, there WILL soon be war, not just 1 ~ but 2!

Emulating World War II, there will be a war in Asia and another in the Middle East ~ that could be the biblical Armageddon.

As a 1960's San Francisco Hippie expat living in beautiful Frankfurt, Germany now 10 years, the ties that bind are getting pulledevertighter.

The world has been given the false hope that if people get 2 vaccines, that they will be the elite class flashing their VACCINE PASSPORTS and entering wherever they wish.

But just a few hours later the evil marionettes proclaim that we must be stored away again in our little wooden boxes, because the corona virus death rate just unimaginably jumped and people are dying in the streets.

Case in point is the 600,000 reported dead in Brazil last week ~ show us the bodies!

The average human body width is 15 inches.

600,000 human bodies laid side by side =142 miles!!!

But the saddest reality is that the vaccine passports are a greenlight to the grave, due to the poisons contained in their never FDA approved vaccines!

8 Billion of us must get our scissors out and slash the cords that they want to control our every thought and every movement with.

Even though the heavy metal rock group Metallica marketed themselves as "evil bad guys" to secure teen approval and make money, leader James Hetfield is a born-again Christian who has suffered deeply with alcohol and drug abuse.

The "Master of Puppets" lyrics proclaim his WILL for FREEDOM:

"Oh, but I'll take my time anywhere Free to speak my mind anywhere And I'll redefine anywhere

Anywhere I roam Where I lay my head is home, yeah

And the earth becomes my throne I adapt to the unknown

Under wandering stars I've grown By myself, but not alone I ask no one

And my ties are severed clean Less I have, the more I gain."

Christ Yeshua made it very clear:

"My kingdom is not of this world; if it were ~ my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jews.

But now My kingdom is not of this realm"

RIGHT NOW we MUST cut the strings that the satanic 1 World Order Cartel is trying their very best to control us with!