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Playing a good round of "Take This Frickin' Card" on vacation last October, Christine and I had to escape from the balcony and head inside due to the unbearable Florida heat and humidity.

Hearing a scratching on the sliding door screen, we saw what we thought could not be possible ~ a black armored insect with LED fluorescent green eyes!

Known as the “headlight elator” beetle because its lights are on its head, they have two small bio-luminescent light organs at the back of the head and one under their abdomen.

Like firefly larvae, their larvae are also bio-luminescent. Unlike fireflies, these glowing click beetles don’t flash. However, they do seem to be able to control the intensity of the light they emit. When touched by a possible predator, for example, they become brighter.

Worldwide this family is well diversified in Florida, Texas and Central & South America. Larvae of this species eat both plants and invertebrate animals, including the larvae of other species of beetle. Adults eat fermenting fruit, pollen, and smaller insects.

Based on the forthcoming always scrupulously researched YouTube video from Really Graceful, The Freemason 1 World Order Cult is manufacturing their own death carrying insects:

Take solace and comfort from the Lord:

Joel 2:25:

“So I will restore to you the years that the swarming locust has eaten,

The crawling locust,

The consuming locust,

And the chewing locust,

My great army which I sent among you.

You shall eat in plenty and be satisfied,

And praise the name of the Lord your God,

Who has dealt wondrously with you;

And My people shall never be put to shame."