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Blessed by God with the ability to express ourselves verbally as human beings, crystal-clear and truthful communication is imperative if a relationship is to last a lifetime.

Due to our collaborative Free Will choice of living in DIVINE INTIMACY because God Himself has been invited to be the 3rd partner, there is nothing so grave or perceived “bad” that Christine and I can do that is not forgivable and/or found a solution for.

Even though timeout separations (no more than 1 hour) as I learned in my court mandated domestic violence class that I baptized “wife beaters” can serve to avoid heat of the moment verbal abuse or veiled threats, gaps of silence and not talking out situations to each other can truly hinder growth in a relationship.

Again, this is where asking for Divine Intervention is the best key to expediently getting back on track.

Also extremely important is to never bring up the past. And that’s exactly where it belongs in the rear-view mirror of life; because there’s nothing that can be done to change the circumstances. It was ~ what it was.

Saying “you did that then” not only hurts the partners feelings, it can keep them and/or both of you stuck in the past in an old wound that should have been already healed.

Another mistake in communication is voicing generalizations and ultimatums.

Telling your partner that they ALWAYS leave their dirty dishes in the sink and that they don’t ever clean them ~ and "that there will be hell to pay", is spiritually, mentally and emotionally cancerous language.

It is not a crime if we give people or situations a chance that come into our relationship and then no longer bless us individually, to distance ourselves respectfully and not continue with them; even if our partners choose to retain them.

Christ Yeshua chose to be celebrated ~ not just tolerated.

Just like John Lennon wrote about in “Instant Karma”, IMMEDIATE unconditional and eternal forgiveness are also KEY bonding agents.

Living a 3rd dimensional life will be full of transgressions that should be forgiven instantly and permanently.