Divine Intimacy is the purposely chosen blessing that has incentivized my wife Christine and I to constantly grow in love together for over 10 years.

Yes ~ we have successfully climbed some Himalayan sized mountains thanks to Christ Yeshua being in the middle of us, holding each of our paws.

Speaking only for myself, there is NO way I could have done it without Jesus's help.

As much as I love Christine, our journey together has not been like my San Francisco hippie days ~ just "wearing some flowers in our hair."

The greatest joy that a human being can experience in life is being blessed with a very, very carefully selected partner.

A Divine Intimacy selection results in living with 1 foot on earth and the other in heaven!

There is absolutely NO reason to settle on just anybody because we are feeling lonely.

Loneliness, depression and the ensuing suicides ~ primarily caused by the “INTERNET OF ALL THINGS” that was created by the satanic 1 World Order Cult, are reaching plannedemic levels.

Lamentably, the solution that a lot of people are reaching for are legal drug pusher doctor prescribed opioids and marijuana, thanks to BIG PHARMA or choosing just as demonically promoted ~ PORNOGRAPHY

One of my greatest downloads from Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit in Hebrew) was after I had enjoyed quite a few classes in the court mandated domestic violence course which I titled “Wife Beaters.“

I was totally sweat drenched reaching the summit of the Ringling Bridge in Sarasota, Florida after 45 minutes of aggressive Chi Walking.

Pausing for a moment to watch a monster sailboat cruise underneath, Ruach Hakodesh lovingly told me after I had expressed my gratefulness for the blessing that He gave me in having Christine as a partner:

"That a Divine Intimacy relationship is like carefully and gently rallying before a ping-pong match, to determine who serves first.

There is no paddle slamming, slicing or topspin, just a very careful and determined back & forth over the net."

And that gentleness is exactly what couples must provide for each other.

As is so often repeated, it takes “2 to tango” for healing to take place.

Dealing and healing is what a good relationship should be about ~ never “sucking it up”.

Complete trust, fairness and support of the partner in negotiations, never expressing threatening behavior, sharing honest economic responsibility and accountability creates TOTAL EQUALITY.

The defenses of the ego are people acting-out as victims, victimizers and rescuers to foolishly secure approval, control and safety.

The ensuing name games, blame games and shame games become the abnormal “normal” ways of entropic interaction that cause separation.

LOVE is the glue and RESPECT is the bonding agent that results in a long-term joyful couplehood that no man or woman “can separate and put asunder.”

God declared in Genesis 2:24:

“Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh”.

The two are now one in family, one in purpose and one in unity.

God created mankind ~ and then He created marriage.

Humbly pray that Our Lord is ALWAYS in the middle of your DIVINE INTIMACY relationship and neither of you will ever go astray.

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