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"DIVINE INTIMACY": chapter 54 ~ page 4

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Because God ordered Adam and Eve to go forth and populate the world, He provided them and us their ancestors with a wonderful bonus called ORGASM.

Making love is the journey and ORGASM is the final destination.

Truly sad because of the INTERNET OF ALL THINGS plannedemic, people under 25 are making love only 2 to 3 times per month.

Fresh statistics confirm that because of incessant cell phone usage, which in reality should only be a communication and research device, the phone itself has become the new partner in people’s relationships.

75% of people bring their phones to bed at night and are 2 times more likely to avoid having sex and enjoying their dopamine kick from a white screen, than to enjoy the preeminent human experience of ORGASM!

The survey concluded that the number 1 activity during the last hour before sleep was partners staring at their cell phones instead of communicating with each other.

Forthcoming are Christine’s and my shared values that have kept us DIVINELY INTIMATE and OTT happy together for the last 9.75 years:


1st ~ start with my simple self-inspired prayer before finally selecting a partner for life:

Heavenly Father, always abiding by your holy will, please help me to find the perfect partner that together with you, the 3 of us will walk hand-in-hand into your Kingdom.”

To avoid becoming a divorce, separation, drug addicted and worse ~ suicide statistic, choose very, very carefully; because the rest of your life together God-willing will be a long, long time.

Plan a committed relationship as if you were both going to climb Mount Everest together.

Requiring sometimes as much as a year preparing and training just to arrive at the first base camp in the lower Himalayas, that’s exactly what Christine and I did during our 10 months apart in 2010.

Come Together - John Lennon/The Beatles (Live In New York City) - YouTube