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"DIVINE INTIMACY": chapter 54 ~ page 5

During our hurtful 10 month separation in 2010, Christine and I purposely chose to work individually on ourselves and ultimately self-actualize as much as possible.

Our goal was to replicate those miraculous 6 weeks that we enjoyed at the end of 2009 with our feet not touching the ground.

As recounted previously, yet not planning to ~ through the inspiration of Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit in Hebrew), we chose when we met for the very 1st time, to tell each other as they say in United States' courts “the whole truth and nothing but the truth ~ so help me God.”

And that we did ~ gently rallying as if before a ping-pong match, giving up the need of serving first to serve each other.

When we mindfully and purposefully choose to put the needs of our partner before our own, then we can truthfully say that we are in the right relationship.


A key couplehood component after telling each other all of our most intimate truths, especially after Christine previously being married for 34 years and becoming a widow; as well as my 34 years of marriage ~ 5 years the first time via the Roman Catholic Church @ the ripe ol' age of 19, and then 29 years during the 2nd matrimony both ending in divorce, was committing to a totally fresh start.

Agreeing that for our new relationship to last the rest of our lives, we had to respect and forgive each other’s pasts; as well as honoring each other’s inherent family structures.

The truth setting us free, we both agreed that lies of omission are exactly that ~ lies.

Consciously choosing to completely clean out our closets, it was a very un-encumbering experience that continues to this day 10 years later.

And because in deciding to enjoy a mutual empty canvas to create on, we chose to let each other be 100% free and paint on any part, in whatever manner we individually chose to.

Whether it is Dali-like, Michelangelo inspired or abstract Picasso style, we enjoy an absolute blessing in expressing ourselves exactly as we personally desire.

Each partner has the right within our couplehood covenant of EQUALITY ~ to be exactly who they really are and to truly feel safe and free about it, as well as following their own individual path within the relationship.

Similar to the zebras below ~ we always watch each other's backs!