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"DIVINE INTIMACY": chapter 54 ~ page 9

Honoring the reality that we are totally different human beings, Christine and I give each other plenty of individual space for growth and personal self-actualization.

Calling this mutually respected and abided-by rules of the road “Healthy Boundaries”, both of us readily acknowledge that the path we have purposely chosen has and will have its challenges.

Blessed with God in the middle of our beings and holding each of our paws, makes it much, much easier and joyful.

Willingly admitting that as in the hymnal song Amazing Grace that both of us “were once lost and now are found”, we express eternal gratitude for discovering who we really are.

Lovingly guided by The Eternal Gondolier, we sit quietly in His little boat and listen attentively to His loving affirmations.

Holding in Divine Mind our ultimate goal of walking hand-in-hand with Christ Yeshua into His Kingdom, when the fog lifts we see the entrance of Heaven’s gates opened just for us.

We are very emotionally torn apart seeing both of our families that entered before us smiling, weeping with joy, waving and beckoning us to join them.

Yet while watching Christ Yeshua's sandals and realizing that His pace is slowing down, He gives us one last loving hug on our shoulders and extending His arm forward says:

“congratulations and welcome my humble servants!"

We then bitter-sweetly gaze back and watch Him return to the Earth seeking to find the other 98.


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