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Living together 100% COMMITTED with no Plan B in sight, provides both partners with a sense of intimate security.

Totally ignoring the flirtatious manner of others around us prevents emotional adultery and strengthens our commitment to each other.

In a world where over-stimulation and hivemind constant action is the norm, as couples we must learn to slow things way, way down!

It is imperative to smell the roses and to deeply inhale the fragrance that God’s DNA has imbued them with.

Similar sensory experiences like holding hands, kissing more, touching more, hugging more and dancing impromptu literally anywhere ~ especially in public, keeps a romance fresh, resulting in stronger DIVINE INTIMACY.

In a society where the most insipid, vulgar, banal and non-consequential situations are demonically put out in the open, making tender love as God intended is completely ignored.

Yet the mass media especially in movies brainwashes us into thinking that having aggressive Neanderthal type sex with somebody we literally just met, is totally normal and should be sought after.

As 2 little children in the sandbox of life, we should learn to play and rejoice more.

Christine and I exchanged our vows and became married before God on 12-12-12 @ 12:00 P.M. in front of Madonna d'Ongero ~ a 505 year old chapel in Lugano, Switzerland.

Hurriedly arriving @ 11:55 A.M. totally sweat drenched due to the steep and sometimes dangerously narrow 90 minute climb, we both shed tears of joy as we voiced our commitments to each other.

Consciously choosing to see the “Beavee" side of each other versus the things that we don’t like and realistically cannot change, helps us love each other that much more and brings us ever closer together.

Blessed that we are spiritual beings enjoying a physical experience together, Christine and I during our lovingly named “Zippee Conferences” on weekends, hold each other intimately with ZERO time sensitivity and just totally relax and share our dreams, aspirations and week long experiences.

Making love together, cooking together, washing the dishes together, working-out together and most importantly praying together ~ “where 2 or more of you are gathered together in my name, I am there” has really helped us in creating DIVINE INTIMACY.