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Updated: Jan 30

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE occurs in 50% of all committed relationships!

What really caught my attention and brought back memories from years past, was learning that a man can get arrested for just yelling at his female partner.

For 5 years I verbally and physically abused my 1st wife in San Francisco that I married when I was 19 years of age and she was 18; as well as another female (Chinese term for woman) in my second marriage that I verbally abused for 29 years.

Based on these new laws, I could have been arrested at least 500 times!

One "wife beater" in my class who had already been jailed on 11 different occasions was constantly interrupting other people while interjecting his own wartime stories and embellished lies.

He set such a bad example for his son, that his 15-year-old had already been arrested twice for beating up his mom!

Even though this gentleman loved to hear himself speak, because of his constant arrests he was a great teacher in bringing us all up to date on the latest criminal charges for domestic violence.

Remembering the time that I threw a large glass of ice at Katie Cooper and thank God purposely missed, because had I slipped and nailed her, I could’ve been arrested for felony assault & battery.

What made Angie Dickinson such a great teacher, was her patience in quietly listening to all of the outrageously exaggerated stories and egregious lies and would always ask us perpetrators "what we could’ve done different."

Her very best advice to prevent raging situations from getting out of control is for the man to:

° announce a necessary timeout of less than 60 minutes

° express exactly why he is leaving

° confirm where he is going

° and to call 10 minutes before returning to the shared living space.

Because of reality shows in 2010 like Jerry Springer, Angie had also just opened a domestic violence school for women, that were now using shovels and baseball bats to beat up their male partners!

Because men are usually stronger than women, it is necessary for females to use a weapon with a long handle to keep the man as far away as physically possible ~ yet inflict some good punishment.

Bottom line­­­­________ to have a healthy relationship, there must be MUTUAL RESPECT.

Once that is gone, it’s gonna be harder and harder for the couple to stay together.

Love is the glue, but respect is the hardening agent.

As The Aborigines taught, it is important in all couplehoods for the partners “to always speak the truth from behind their eyes."


Saint Paul wrote in Galatians 3:26-29:

"There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all ONE in Christ Jesus."