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In my humble opinion your honor, Colombian Empanadas are far superior than Cuban, Puerto Rican, Mexican and even Argentinian turnovers.

Made from yellow pre-cooked corn meal, they are scrumptious as appetizers or entrees (at least 5 of them!) served with the traditional Aji Pique Sauce.

A few little tidbits to facilitate Honey's fabulously scrumptious recipe @:

° For a hotter zippy profile and color appeal, add a very finely chopped orange habanero or red serrano pepper to taste.

° Goya Sazon's primary ingredient is MSG.

For the dough flavoring, please consider using mucho healthier 1/2 teaspoons of ground coriander, ground cumin and ground garlic.

° Cool dough in fridge for @ least 20 minutes to make the masa balls more malleable.

° Freeze empanadas overnight before deep frying them.

° To avoid them sticking in the fryer, do 2 @ a time.

Make sure to wear a bib while eating, because Honey's recipe is so outrageous it will make you drool.

Buen Provecho!