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Promulgated by the 1 World Order Cartel, the narrative surrounding Covid 19 is the GREATEST DISTRACTION in human history.

Together with its props of masks, Gestapo distancing protocol, lockdowns, unsubstantiated infection / death numbers, vaccinations, etc., these entropic lies of the devil have trapped the entire world for 14 months from knowing THE TRUTH.

Called-out as The Prince of the Air in Ephesians, Saint Paul was very prophetic peering 2,000 years into the future, knowing that "air" in this sense means the media waves and invisible 5G frequencies.

A true New Testament Sage, please invest just 8 minutes and learn from ReallyGraceful the economic travesty that is being pummeled on humankind, hidden behind all of the evil distractions:

(1560) America in 2021: We're Being Distracted From Something HUGE - YouTube

A few chief points:

° Biggest transfer of wealth in the history of the world

° 32.9% more money being printed by Rothschild's "U.S." Federal Reserve

° More money printed = inflation that will quickly lead to hyperinflation

° 5% consumer price increases just since January 2021

° Lies about supply chain deficits have been purposely crafted by The 1 World Order

° 200,000+ businesses have PERMANENTLY closed in America!

° Only winners are BIG TECH, BIG PHARMA, BIG GOVERNMENT and of course Rothschild's FEDERAL RESERVE

° Universal Basic Income is communism; and most importantly takes away the human dignity of "doing an honest day's work for an honest day's pay."

The manipulated and weaponized mainstream media and its social platforms are CONSTANTLY pelting human kind with 3 dozens of eggs ALL @ 1 time!

Even the above average human cannot discern what is manufactured truth and what is ABSOLUTE TRUTH ~ the kind that really sets us FREE

No chance for this evil bastard who tapped-out, Yeshua pinned him eons ago!

(1590) Pink Floyd - Money (Official Music Video) - YouTube