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Updated: Apr 21, 2021

To ultimately win the war for control of our very own minds, we must steadfastly focus on crystal clear thinking.

The brain is a muscle like the bicep that must be exercised.

Praying, meditating and then contemplating the downloads from Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit in Hebrew), reading and writing books are great ways to expand our mental acuity; versus marathon NETFLIX streaming, social media addiction and meaningless stimulation.

Horrifically addicted to marijuana for 45 years, I am proud to declare that I am now 10 years CLEAN!

Marijuana was legalized by the 1/10 of 1%'ers Golden Calf Club to further cloud people's minds to facilitate their control of them, as well as to create a multi-Billion $ industry for themselves.

Marijuana IS a fog ~ not allowing the light of The Son to penetrate our minds with Ruach Hakodesh's downloads of thought discernment, intuition, guidance, inspiration, enlightenment, spiritual / mental / emotional comfort and ultimately ~ the permanent healing of our souls.

St. Paul quoting Christ Yeshua:

"In their earthly souls they seek riches, fame, a long life and all the things of this world.

Their eyes have been closed that they cannot see, their ears stopped up that they cannot hear, and their minds made such that they do not want to understand.

They walk after the things of this world, ever going around in circles.

They have become vain in their soul's imagination; the soul darkening their minds.

They bathe in the lusts of their soul's desires, changing the truth into a lie if it serves a purpose."

Jesus was perfectly describing today's "leaders".