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With distractions piled upon distractions by the manipulated and weaponized mass media and social platforms, please invest just 9 minutes to view ReallyGraceful's expose on the purposeful distraction of truly meaningless "news":

Recalling just a very few of the recent false flag distraction "crises", what ever happened to:

° Brexit?

° the 40,000 Central Americans marching to the U.S. Mexican border?

° the imminent nuclear war with North Korea?

° America's new president for Venezuela?

° impeachment #1

° impeachment #2

° the 2020 presidential selection

° storming the "secure" Capitol Building

° etc., etc., etc.


A form of MK Ultra mind control, these incessant roller coaster rides and merry-go-round brain manipulations, control the populace by not allowing them to think clearly.

The epicenter of The 1 World Order Cartel, these trillionaires pay HUGE sums of monies to the lead protestors; who are also provided with stays in 5 Star hotels, enjoying fancy meals and even prostitutes to satisfy their every need.

Few folks know that a trillion dollars represents spending $1 MILLION PER DAY for 2,000 years ~ and that these oligarchs have several trillions at their disposal to create unlimited mayhem and havoc.

Please invest just 12 minutes on watching Dr. Jordan Peterson's life-impacting speech on TRUTH:

(1381) THE TRUTH - One of the Greatest Speeches Ever | Jordan Peterson Motivation - YouTube

And as a previous "ostrich head-in-the-sand" person hoping that the perceived wrong would go away once I raised my head, I now joyfully embrace the proclamation of Christ Yeshua ~ "The Truth shall set you free."

And amen it has BIG time!