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Thank almighty God I had already stealthily hidden the half smoked joint and the 2 each 1/2 ounces of hydroponic and Jamaican weed under my super heavy mahogany desk.

As well as that the sheriff did not go into the refrigerator and discover the 2 containers of heavily marijuana infused brownies.

Cramped, sweating and stooped-over as I was being taken to the Sarasota County Jail, I was able to wriggle-out the baggie that previously contained the joint out of my back pocket and stuffed it under the seat belt enclosure.

Irregardless, the arresting officer found it upon returning to the parking lot to clean his vehicle, showed it to the processing officer under the fluorescent light and discarded it, saying that there was no chemical powder residue. Whew!

Upon arriving into the jail's enclosed garage @ 9:30 p.m., I was quickly whisked into the processing area.

Sitting uncomfortably on a wooden bench still hand-cuffed, I began praying intently and confidently that I would be set free that night and not be placed in a cell possibly with murderers and rapists.

Comforted instantly by Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit in Hebrew) and forgoing all formal prisoner protocol, the escorting officer smiled and angelically removed my handcuffs while I patiently awaited the fingerprinting and processing procedures.

Accompanied by other arrestees totally out of it, hollering and beaten men and women that were also taken into custody that evening, I was asked to remove my surf sandals and put on the standard issue pink colored prison version.

Led to the photo taking area I was aghast at my appearance, due to the massage oil still in my hair and going unshaven for 5 days.

Nevertheless when it came time to pose, I flashed a very non-appreciated and normally not allowed big confident smile for the camera, knowing 4th dimensionally that all that was taking place was for my very highest purpose.

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