"FREED BY ARREST": chapter 1 ~ page 6

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Upon finally coming home to my apartment @ 3:00 A.M. after 8 mentally and emotionally draining hours at the jailhouse, I was totally flabbergasted to discover that Katie was still in my bed sound asleep and snoring!

I erroneously believed that after everything that had taken place that evening, she would have slept over Ernie's or at another friend's house.

Absolutely livid because of her lying to me for almost a year regarding the capias warrant that led to my arrest, I started screaming, lit the bedroom and the entire apartment like an auditorium and started throwing Katie's belongings into the living room.

Recording my rantings on her cell phone threatening to post them on YouTube, Katie further enraged me by stating that she wished that I did not get out of jail until Monday, so that she could have "slept late over the entire weekend!!!"

In what I considered at the time to be my greatest act of “unconditional love” ~ which being much more healed now I realize was total bullshit, I pretended to forgive Katie and ½ assed tried to repair our relationship and live happily ever after. Sure, Al!

The real truth is that I was so emotionally and spiritually unhealed and lacking mental clarity due to my intense marijuana drugging, severe sexual addiction and excessive tequila drinking, that I could not bear living alone.

But because living in peace is not what Katie ultimately wanted, she gave me an early Christmas present by moving out a few weeks later on Sunday October 3rd ~ my 1st wife’s birthday, while I was in Miami visiting my children that she absolutely jealously abhorred.

A long time now disengaged New Age wannabe, I still believe that birth dates, numbers, sounds and colors that God created all have inherent spiritual vibrational energy.


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