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"FREED BY ARREST": chapter 1~page 7

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Lessons that I learned by MY mistakes in this relationship:


To always seek The Truth no matter the cost or result ~ even going to jail.

Because of my go-to proverbial “ostrich head in the sand” escape dysfunction most of my life, I was afraid to face perceived negative realities; instead of embracing them and learning all of the spiritual gems that God had purposely hidden in them.


Others are the only ones that can choose to heal themselves.

No more wanting to be the rescuer hidden behind sexual addiction and wanting to not be "alone like Stallone."


To always believe that God is in control and will take care of my every need ~ especially in my being bailed-out at the very last minute and not going into general population with the murderers, rapists and aggressive male homosexuals upstairs in the prison ward.

I maintained constant communication with Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit in Hebrew) knowing that I could smile confidently into the jailhouse camera and would be set free that night.

And not wasting precious energy regretting what got me arrested and projecting fear-based consequences.

I was very much at peace thanks to my faith.


That no matter what someone else does to us negatively, that that action belongs to them and that they have to stand before His throne and explain it.

When forgiving, we free the other person and all pertinent attachments; and more importantly ~ we free ourselves and move forward.


On October 3, 2010, quoting MLK ~ “free at last, free at last ~ good God Almighty, free at last …………….”

The incident leading up to my arrest and the toxic relationship that Katie Cooper and I both intensely contributed to, will be addressed in the chapter titled “Highway To Hell.”

Thank God, Lucifer and his eternal hell, is waiting eagerly for the truly stuck in the fecal matter Satanic Freemason Pedophiliac 1 World Order Cult!