Christian Westbrook is this century's ultimate Ghost Buster when it comes to food.

Also known as "The Ice Age Farmer", he is a nonpareil New Testament Truth Seeker providing us with:

And literally just minutes ago Christian weighed in with:

Long ago naively thinking that Harvard was the Mount Everest of global universities, they are as luciferian CIA sponsored as Stanford, UCLA, Yale (skull & boners) MIT, etc.

Truly ghost scary is that the Satanic Freemason 1 World Order Cult is so insidiously patient.

The corona virus plannedemic was a deliberate distraction as to how these powers that should not be are going to Stalinize the world.

Their chief weapons are mass starvation and purposely poisoning our global food supply, to weaken our more vital than ever immune systems to make us sick and become addicted lab rats for Big Pharma.

The depicted pink slime has already been approved by the USDA as "beef".

The presumptive beef with the "beef":

After the choicest bits of cattle are removed for steaks and the less desirable parts are removed for hamburger, there's still something left over called trimmings, which are about 80 percent fat and 20 percent meat.

Companies such as Beef Products Incorporated and HRR Enterprises heat up these trimmings and centrifuge out the fat, producing beef they claim to be 95 percent lean.

They then inject that product into small pipes along with AMMONIA GAS, which makes the meat more alkaline and therefore inhospitable to bacterial growth. Really?

Because a normal, non-pink-slime-containing hamburger is not processed with ammonia, this step raises the question of why pink slime needs the extra anti-microbial treatment.

According to Beef Products Inc., as quoted in the Pulitzer-winning 2009 New York Times article that first brought widespread attention to pink slime, beef trimmings include "most of the material from the outer surfaces of the carcass."

Meaning the testicles, penis', udders, anal passages, nostrils, ears, horns, hooves, tails, etc.

Having personally visited slaughterhouses in Minnesota, the plant managers were always so proud in confirming "that 100% of the animal was used for some purpose."

Yet the sometimes not totally killed cows / steers / bulls were screaming in horrific pain as they swung on the merry-go-round hooks with some of them oozing yellow cancer slime out of their split open bellies.

As a result, trimmings are more likely to come into contact with bacteria such as Salmonella and harmful strains of E. coli.

Stalin is clapping in hell!

Knowing that "we are what we eat" ~ The SF1WOC's ultimate goal is to clandestinely manipulate our food supply with GMO and CRISPR technology, so that bottom ________they can further control our minds.

The "survive + thrive" key for those of us that still think, is to daily become more FLEXIBLE and ADAPTABLE.

Palestinian researchers have concurred that the menu at Christ Yeshua's Last Supper consisted of a bean stew, lamb, olives, bitter herbs, a fish sauce, unleavened bread, dates and aromatized wine.

Emulating The Master, Christine and I would much rather eat fresh unadulterated home-grown potatoes, carrots and lettuce, than pink slime "protein" or drink cockroach milk:

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