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Based on Really Graceful's frightening video @ we must immediately stop the Satanic Freemason 1 World Order Cult's manipulated and weaponized media, before they turn America into a nation of pedophiles similar to the 2 respectless puppets sniffing and lasciviously groping their way to be selected ~ NOT elected president.

Of course little boys should also be totally respected ~ even though the Roman Catholic Church has purposely chosen to look the other way when their "celibate" priests have been caught and charged of sexually abusing their altar boys for over 1,600 years.

But to luciferically turn innocent little girls into objects of sexual depravity, is truly the SF1WOC's goal of creating a lack of respect for the children's blessing of growing up into powerful women.

33 degree Freemason Walt Disney had Mickey Mouse almost undetectably poking holes in cheese with his penis' boner @

We as a people of God regardless of religion ~ or no religion, MUST protect our children and combat the media's incessant subliminal messages with powerful prayer.

No more robbing our young ones of their precious childhood!

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