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Goose-stepping on the demonic paths of Hitler, Stalin and Mao that collectively murdered more than 100 MILLION people, the French puppet of the 1 World Order Cartel has paved the way for global genocide:

(130) Macron's call for 'compulsory vaccinations' the first step in 'global authoritarian wave' - YouTube


° Emulating Mao's Great Leap Forward, France's dictum was approved by the European Union's 27 member countries ~ especially Germany, the most powerful of the Eurocrats and the 5th largest economy in the world.

° Australia and ALL of the planet's countries will also soon dictate the necessity of the VACCINE PASSPORT.

° This COMPULSORY vaccine passport that currently requires a minimum of 2 INJECTIONS will be mandatory for ALL French healthcare workers effective September 15.

If this ruling is not adhered to, it will cause immediate TERMINATION of employment and permanent loss of income.

° The VACCINE PASSPORT will also be required to board trains, planes, cruise ships, water taxis, buses and to enter restaurants, bars, cafes, concerts, amusement parks, etc., etc., etc.

° Even though BIG PHARMA is illegally approved to make BILLIONS of $'s with their "for emergency only" EXPERIMENTAL vaccines and protected by liability exemptions, the virus bureaucratic safety protocol is sheer entropy at its worst!

° In addition to poisoning hundreds of millions of innocent human beings, the VACCINE PASSPORT is yet another invasion of privacy due to its TRACKING DATA that will never be deleted.

ALL 8 Billion of us must peacefully unite and not allow our God-given human rights of dignity, liberty and the pursuit of happiness be taken away from us.

As Christ Yeshua instructed us:

"Have eyes that see, ears that hear and do not be deceived!"

(131) Zach Williams - No Longer Slaves (Live from Harding Prison) - YouTube