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“GO TO JAIL. GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL!”: chapter 6 ~ page 3

Landing in San Juan after what seemed for days rockin' and a rollin' in that prop job, my uncle Rafael picked us up.

When my Mom asked him where Doel was, he said that my dad was busy working and would catch up with us later on.

Instead of staying with him wherever he lived, my father had set us up purposely in an apartment in a different neighborhood.

The icing on our shared birthday cake the next day at Rafael's home: Tappy was born the 9th of August and me the 10th of August and my dad August 19th (9+10=19) ~ all astrological Leos. Meow..............

The candle on that chubby piece of pastry was Hurricane Betsy, the 1st cyclone to hit the island in 24 years.

Recollecting the flooded streets and our blowing-out the birthday candles, my Mother was enraged when she found out that my father was still cheating on her during our visit.

A strict Roman Catholic believing that divorce was a “mortal sin”, my Mom had initially agreed to make things work in the marriage by moving to the island, but the now incessant adultery was a cross too heavy for her to bear.

Even though my uncle Rafael did his very best after the hurricane to convince my Mom that many women in Hispanic countries tolerated their husband’s mistresses and even second and third(!) wives, my mother stated that that is not what she vowed to do before God.

Departing Puerto Rico the next day, Tappy kept vomiting the entire journey to San Francisco while I kept myself busy blowing open his barf bags.

It would be another 13 years before I returned to the island to receive the biggest surprise of my life.

This life lesson taught me:


That no matter how much life hurts, we belong to an Eternal God that created us with unconditional love and is with us at all times through His Holy Spirit. We are worthy!


That other’s words belong to them and that THEY must stand before God's throne and come clean with the Truth.


No matter how deep the wound that other’s create in us, this is just a temporal life.

And to be totally free, we must forgive the perpetrators like Christ Yeshua did during His victory for us at Calvary:

“Father forgive them, for they do not know what they do”.

And with an ever increasingly demonically evil, mean-spirted and hive-minded world in which we live, forgiveness must be inherent in all of our being for us to be truly free.

A constant emotional roller coaster ride almost all of our lives, it took me many, many years before I truly forgave my father and unbounded my handcuffs of anger, resentment and self pity.

As MLK declared: "Free at last ~ good God Almighty, free at last!"