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Just 4 ½ years old and selecting this Monopoly game card in life, I was destined to not pass Go and certainly not collect $200!

As my father walked down the stairs with his suitcase to never return, I cried from the landing facing the street and screamed “papa no te vayas………..papa no te vayas ……..papa no te vayas!!!” (daddy don’t go!!!)

My mom doing her very best to comfort me, I was totally inconsolable.

Heartbroken herself, together we watched while she held my 6 month old brother Tappy, as my dad stepped into his friend’s car and drove away to never come back to our family.

Always having a flirtatious eye for the ladies, my father would have plenty of groupies waiting for him at whatever nightclub his orchestra was playing at.

Some of these women were so enraptured and equally as respectless, would call our home and ask my mom if they could speak with him.

Shouting at them to never phone back and slamming down the handle, my mom had a better chance of convincing pigs to fly, because they never ever stopped calling.

Subconsciously, I remember my parents fighting heatedly about this untenable adulterous situation, but my father could not keep his promises and zipper up.

His mother was also culpable by entertaining his groupies at her apartment, waiting for the band leader to come.

Using the constant excuse with my mother of taking me to the Fleishhacker Zoo or the famous Tick-Tock Drive-In ~ that had the most yummy cheeseburgers and fresh-cut french fries that besides ribeye steaks are still my favorite dishes, he would detour to his mother’s apartment for a different type of eating-out.................