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Living in an upside down world where we feel that we are getting squeezed tighter and tighter into tinier cracks and crevices, it is imperative that we ALWAYS grow to God!

He is the light that fuels our growth and our constant caregiver that never stops loving us.

Forthcoming is the link to the heart-touching "Interview With God:"

(834) The Interview With God - YouTube

2 of my favorite replies from God are:

° "That by thinking anxiously about the future, they forget the PRESENT; such that they live neither in the PRESENT nor in the future."

° "That they live as if they will never die; and die as if they have never lived.

Watching and listening to The Interview often, I totally lose it when the narrator says:

"God's hand took mine and we were silent awhile."

And to be quiet just with Him is exactly what God wants us to do more and more in this world of non-stop FEAR impacting distractions.

Being focused solely on Him is the only way that we can receive the inspirational "downloads" of The Holy Spirit; and be blessed with His gifts of thought discernment, intuition, guidance, enlightenment, comfort and permanent healing.

Jesus lovingly reminded us:

"consider the lilies of the field, how they grow; they toil not, neither do they spin thread."

Through unconditional trust, gratitude and adoration we will ALWAYS continue growing to The Son!

(910) San Francisco - Scott McKenzie - YouTube