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The attached just 5-minute video by Sir David Icke totally sums up The Cult’s plan for mankind’s re-settlement. Just like the Jews had to leave their homeland to make room for the Master Race, so too the 1/10 of 1%’ers want to corral Americans into mind-controlled FEMA camps.

Through HAARP and Tesla Technology that has been perfected since before World War II, the powers that should not be can develop monster hurricanes, activate dormant volcanoes, create earthquakes where there are no fault zones, set fires from up above on purposely caused drought lands, unleash miniscule locust larva, etc.

The manipulation and weaponization of the weather can be easily witnessed NOW while airlines are not flying due to the virus. Just look up on a clear day and see the poisonous spray trails that jet fighters are releasing day & night all over the world to affect our behavior and health.

A normal passenger jet releases a flume of vapor that disappears within seconds due to the cold at 30,000 feet. These “chem trails” ~ soft language marketing for poison sprays can last for an entire day.

James Perloff wrote a fascinating tome that will educate all those that think that these non-mainstream media facts are “conspiracy theories” in his Truth Is A Lonely Warrior ~ Unmasking The Forces Behind Global Destruction book.

Covering a range of topics from controlling the weather, Freemasonry, the manipulated media, Zionism, cyber tyranny, secret societies, the truth about 9-11, etc., Mr. Perloff is a 69-year young Christian researcher that is relentless in unveiling The Truth.

Quoting right-on from the book of Hosea 4:6 ~ “My people perish for lack of knowledge.”

Be 1 of the educated victors!

The Doors!

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