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In 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts, illicit land-grabbers from England and the native Wampanoag Indians, shared an Autumn harvest feast.

It is acknowledged as one of the first Thanksgiving celebrations during the beginnings of the British conquest of America.

Thanksgiving in The United States is celebrated on the last Thursday in November ~ today.

The unlawful British land stealers killed 20 MILLION of the indigenous population and gave thanks to God for allowing them to slaughter the "savages."

The surviving descendants of the Native American tribes, live in poverty on federally recognized Indian "reservations" (incarcerations) across the United States.

Yet, Thanksgiving actually began as a day of expressing gratitude for the blessing of abundant harvests.

As depicted in the painting below, it is a 501-year-old American tradition where families unite to share Spirit, generational history and scrumptious & sumptuous dishes.

Abba Yahweh (Father God in Hebrew) and Yeshua (Jesus in Hebrew) love and appreciate when we express trust and gratitude in our adoration of them for ALL of the blessings they bestow upon us.

My daily prayer of Thanksgiving that I wrote inspired by Ruach Hakodesh (Holy Spirit in Hebrew) is:

"Abba Yahweh, thank you for creating me and blessing me with this extraordinary existence experience.

I am so grateful that out of your infinite number of creations, you made me Yours, you made me special, you made me an individual, you made me unique, you made me worthy, you made me ~ ME.

Overwhelmed by your love for me, I give you thanks and praise for my ultimate gifts of free will and being created in your image and likeness of eternal, powerful and joyful unconditional love.

I express utmost gratitude Abba Yahweh for my always increasing self-actualization and consciousness of you, that allow me to know you intimately; as well as to know who I really, really am within you ~ because without you, I am nothing.

I am most appreciative for all of my Ruach Hakodesh blessings of being able to:

° Intuit

° Mentally telepath prayer

° Thought discern

° Be inspired

° Be guided

° Be enlightened

° Be comforted

° And most importantly ~ have my soul permanently healed

And I thank you Abba Yahweh for my always acknowledging and appreciating your sacred being and the beauty of all of your divine creations.


Christine and I wish you, your families and friends all of God's most powerful blessings on this day of Thanksgiving!