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Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Just demonetized and often has had his recent videos censored and blocked by YouTube, K.J. Osborne will soon be removed completely from this satanic mind control platform. Having worked many years in the entertainment industry, K.J. is truly a New Testament Sage.

Prophesizing 100% correctly early this March ~ just before Sir David Icke announced the intensely researched and foreseen for many years the corona virus events to be unraveled by The Cult, K.J. continues seeking The Truth and sharing it with humankind.

Lita ~ my Grandma from Costa Rica used to always mentor me: "tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who YOU are."

Hiding in plain sight, Tom Hanks' satanist pedophile buddies pretty much define who HE is and how he sold his very soul to Hollywood's Illuminati at the start of his career.

Hanks paying HUGE money for his publicists and press agents to spread lies about him being “The Nicest Man In Hollywood”, just ask the innocent little boys...........

Hanks is a founding member of The Cult that invests in erecting 5G towers hidden in plain sight during the lockdown house arrests while nobody is paying attention.

His pal Bill Gates' vaccine tattoos are receivers for 5G transmitters emitting RFID waves, ordering us to obey their every demonic command and to be mindless Meat Puppets.

“Did you think you could hide in plain sight?

Looked up and the heavens opened Does it really all have to wind up as nothing Look down at the ground Life's eternal struggle It's just a dream Oh I hate to burst your bubble Times change Entire lives reduced to rubble Stars shooting down in all their hope and glory Fools march on the Earth lost in the forest.”

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