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Updated: Jan 8

Abhorring the vibration of people, places and circumstances that I perceive to be negative, I changed the name of HTH to Stairway to Heaven.

Like Judas Iscariot, I betrayed my savior & redeemer Jesus Christ for demonic ghosts, by finally agreeing with Katie Cooper to attend the religious cult's conference in Lake Tahoe in March of 2010. As Pink Floyd perfectly nailed it in their song "Wish You Were Here", I was "exchanging my walk-on part in the war for a lead role in a cage." Nothing new, Katie Cooper and I fought the very minute that we arrived at the airport in Tampa and sat again in different seats on the flight to Reno, Nevada. Our luggage taking forever to come down to the carousel, we missed our 1st bus to the convention. On the next available transport Katie felt that I talked way too much and paid unnecessary attention to the extremely kind and engaging husband & wife team sitting in front of us.

Even though it was them that kept turning around unencouraged, Katie’s unfounded jealous behavior continued for the entire next 7 days. Katie packed a suitcase filled with sexy negligees, thinking that we would enjoy triple headers every night in front of the romantic cabin's fireplace.

But our fights got so out of hand, that I slept on the downstairs couch several nights, and never, ever felt the desire to so much as touch Katie, during the entire convention stay. Witnessing these over 300 zombies as if on Xanax walking around mumbling in the vast conference room “I am you and you are me”, I walked out before I vomited my breakfast. The final spear in my side was when Cult Leader Larry Simmons asked everyone in the 300-member seance, to summon their "invisible" friend inside to channel and speak through them.

And many sheeple fell over and started wailing and howling. Not to be outdone, Katie Cooper soon collapsed to the ground and started testifying in a gruff otherworldly tone, to her Salem burning at the stake in 1 life, and subsequent beheading during another supposed reincarnation! Katie uncontrollably crying and almost experiencing what seemed like a satanic possession, the conference leaders asked me to join them on my hands and knees to help alleviate Katie’s spasmodic trembling. Whether she was pretending or not, I wanted no part of the demons exiting her and left the hotel complex for a 1 hour walk in heavy snow, to the Northern shore of Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe always conjured fond memories of the times when my Grandfather took us there on vacation 55 years before. It was a majestic experience ambling about on the thick powder snow and taking in the beauty of God's ancient forests and all of its inherent aromas. What a difference it was experiencing my "walk-on part in the war instead of a lead role in a cage.............."

(28) Santana - Corazon Espinado ft. Mana (Official Video) - YouTube

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