A few early January 2008 days passed and upon checking my e’mails, the smarmy AOL voice said “you got mail”.

I first eagerly checked to see if Angela ~ the presumptuous and very married “Hollywood starlet” blonde that I met at the then famous German gourmet Euphemia Hay Restaurant had followed-up on her New Year’s promises.

She wanting to meet again, I eschewed her deciding that her husband’s bodyguards were way bigger than me and most importantly, I did not date married women ~ no matter how sexy and come-on they were.

But........I was enthralled to see that I had received a message from Katie Cooper ~ the Irish Amazon.

Writing the usual niceties that I was grateful to our mutual massage therapist that gave her my e’mail, etc., I asked her to give me a call if she wanted to have dinner that following Saturday, January 12.

Asking her to meet me at Euphemia Hay, she was purposely late to make her audacious grand arrival.

Dressed elegantly and super sexy, I noticed her imperiously strutting her stuff upon stepping out of her automobile.

A monster Mercedes station wagon that is a whole other story, we enjoyed a three-hour fun-filled "get to know you" dinner in Euphemia’s romantic candle-lit ambiance.

After dinner, we entered the parking lot and as I shook her hand goodbye, she asked me where my car was.

Saying that I lived only five minutes away and I would walk, she said it was no problem for her to drive me home and to please get in the car.

Talking another two hours in front of my beachfront apartment, I was totally exhausted after yapping until 3 A.M.

Not wanting to invite Katie in for a "nightcap", I kept wondering if I should just give her a quick peck on the cheek and climb out.

All of a sudden, she leaned over and gave me the most aggressive open mouth kiss of my entire life, winked and said "sweet dreams."

Remembering in our dinner conversation that she had always wanted to go to the French/Dutch isle of St. Maarten in The Caribbean, I e’mailed her a few days later to ask if she would like to be my guest in a couple of weeks.

Replying almost immediately, she confirmed that she would very much like to.

Meeting her for lunch close by to her opulent residence at Siesta Key, Florida, she casually remarked that she was three months behind in her rent and that she was facing eviction.

Always blessed with an attorney’s mind, I helped her draft a letter to her lessor asking for patience.

The leasing realtor intervening told Katie that the owner was through with her excuses and that if she did not get current with the rent, he had no choice but to ask her to immediately move out.

Being enraptured by her intelligence and ultra-sexiness and having a three-bedroom two bath apartment just for myself and feeling sorry for her, I mindlessly stated that she was more than welcome to move in.

Really, Al???

Hindsight is ALWAYS 20/20!


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