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Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Katie and I decided to stroll on an idyllic white sand beach after a not so good quality breakfast.

But after all of her complaining and our arguing unnecessarily about the restaurant venue, it made me feel good to let her make the choice.

When finally on the beach, she nonchalantly tried to give me her walking shoes and camera to carry, even though I was already toting my own sandals and beach towel.

Brushing her hand away, I firmly stated that I was not her cabana boy valet and that she was a very big girl and could carry her own things.

Katie fuming and not talking during the entire two hour walk, she finally broke down and said that she needed to use a restroom.

Walking into restaurant after restaurant and not one clean enough for her liking, just like the story of the “Three Bears” ~ she finally found one that was just okay.

Yet another guest-disrupting fight broke out at the bathroom lunch restaurant, when Katie screamed, accusing me of flirting with our waitress.

Telling her that since I was strictly raised with good manners and had been in the hospitality business all of my life, that the kindness extended to a server comes back many fold.

Eventually, I discerned that no matter if it was a man or a woman that took even 5 seconds of my attention away from her, she would become jealous and enraged.

An extremely draining emotional roller coaster ride during our entire trip at St. Maarten, we got into another argument again checking out of the hotel.

Simply because my luggage was placed in front of hers at the entrance of our private bungalow, she started complaining ~ stating that the valet was an asshole with no manners and deserved no tip.

Just shaking my head and wishing to God that she would not be coming home with me, my prayers were answered at the airport, but not in the way that I thought they would.

Katie caused a HUGE drama at the airport check-in counter, complaining vehemently that our seats were way too far in the back of the plane.

By that time on “the vacation”, I was through arguing over EVERYTHING with Katie and told her to sit wherever she wanted to, but that I was taking my assigned seat.

Never one to back down from a valid argument, I was delighted that she changed to a seat in the front of the aircraft, 20 rows away from me.

Suddenly, we had to emergency land in San Juan, Puerto Rico, because they forgot in St. Maarten to put enough gas in the tank to get us to Tampa, Florida.

And yet another drama unfolded in the cabin, because Katie started angrily complaining that she had to get up early for work the next morning.

Kindly telling her that 9 o’clock is not that early and that she would get plenty of shut-eye, she just glowered at me menacingly and finally went back to her chair.

Our time in St. Maarten was an accurate snapshot of my ensuing relationship with Katie, in refusing her commands of carrying her walking shoes & camera, tipping the hotel valet, not switching airplane seats and always firmly holding my ground when I was correct.

This very, very toxic relationship that we both contributed to, was to be the abnormal "normal" over the next 2 + ½ years.

We never celebrated a birthday or any holiday together, because of her deep jealousy and unprovoked hatred for my son Christian and daughter Alexandra.

Subsequently, we moved out of each other’s residences several times, causing severe mental, emotional as well as physical drainage.

My sexual addiction to Katie was the only thing that kept us together.