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I sarcastically said and waved "bye-bye" and walked out the door after I could no longer take Katie Cooper's incessant unprovoked raging and screaming over NOTHING.

It was finally the beginning of the very, very, long, long end of my relationship with her.

Mrs. Tandoori ~ a very kind and capable massage therapist at Sarasota, Florida's YMCA, would sometimes work on me for two hours ~ charging me for only 1½.

And of course, I would reciprocate her kindness and talent with an astronomical tip that always caused Katie to jealously complain.

Katie very often inferred that she felt that there was much more going on than just a massage.

I always assured her that as nice as Mrs. Tandoori was, I was not an adulterer and respected Mrs. Tandoori and her husband, who I admired very much.

After a particularly long therapy session, Mrs. Tandoori stated that she wanted to introduce Katie and me to Christine ~ "a very nice lady and a long-time massage client who lived in Frankfurt, Germany."

She also added that Christine would be the perfect candidate to introduce Katie’s multilevel marketing business to her contacts in Europe.

Inviting Katie to join me in meeting Christine in August 2008, jealousy got the best of her and she declined the opportunity.

Just as I was putting on my shirt after the massage and ready to leave The YMCA, Christine was talking to Mrs. Tandoori right outside the door of the therapy room entrance.

As they say in fairy tales, “it was love at first sight!”

Having nothing to do with the mutually mentally and emotionally corrosive co-dependent relationship with Katie, it really had to do with Christine's effervescent spiritual energy vibration emanation.

Not able to get Christine out of my mind, I got all excited the following year when Mrs. Tandoori and her husband invited Katie and me to an October football game that Christine would also be attending.

Katie again jealously refusing to partake ~ even if it could be a tremendous business opportunity for her, I went solo with my daughter Alexandra who spent the entire afternoon talking to Christine; because Mr. Tandoori captured all of my attention discussing the New England Patriots.

Just a month before in September of ‘09 while Katie and I went to the beach on Longboat Key, Florida in front of her "escape-to apartment", an argument began by her asking me if I was really, really going to Miami for my son Christian’s birthday.

Stating that of course I was attending, because that was what Katie and I had agreed upon the month before.

That nonsensical argument caused her to move out of my Lido Beach apartment for the fourth time.

Katie accused me of going to Miami only to drink and drug; and that my saying that I was going to Christian's birthday was just a stupid excuse to cheat on her.

Pleading with her to please calm down and that “a deal is a deal”, she refused to lower her voice in front of a beach full of sunbathers and started screaming belligerently saying that I “was a fucking asshole.”

Dunking her head underwater purposely to ruin her heavily sprayed beehive hairdo for that evening’s "business" meeting she was hosting, I had absolutely no right to physically or verbally mistreat her.

Totally losing it after her hairdo was ruined, Katie then screeched at the top of her lungs ~ “if you love your kids so much, you should go to bed with them.”

Not believing my ears, in total rage my eyes almost popped out of my head!!!

(39) Pat