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San Francisco’s chilly, foggy and rainy weather greatly assisted Lita in keeping me indoors.

Starting with Aardvark and ending with Ziggurat, the huge encyclopedia volumes would nurture my love for learning ~ especially history and geography that still to this day are of highest interest.

Having to balance D.C. Comics’ Superman, Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman (my 1st femme fatale), Archie & Veronica (my #2), Bugs Bunny, Donald Duck, Mickey and Chip & Dale, with Britannica’s Andrew Jackson, Russia and Babylon.

Blessed with earning my generous allowance, I was able to build quite a collection of over 300 comic books that today would be worth a fortune.

My 2nd most memorable moment at Longfellow School was a 5.7 magnitude earthquake on March 22, 1957 at 11:44 A.M. that shook the old brick edifice so hard, that the principal panicked and had the teachers evacuate all the kids to the baseball field.

Already taught to cower under our desks when the air raid sirens blared every Tuesday @ High Noon, we had to walk down 2 flights of stairs to go outside.

Also ordered to hold onto the wooden bannister at all times, they were of little use as the powerful temblor caused them to fall off the old plaster walls into our hands!

The aftershocks still rocking and rolling as I ran home, my mom, Lita and Tia (my aunt) were all running around and crying, thinking that it was truly the end of the world.

I was already honing my pyromaniac skills by lighting big wooden matches and throwing them onto paper towels in the sink while Lita was around the corner shopping at the local “pulperia” ~ Costa Rican for little grocery store with Tappy in a stroller.

Longfellow was finished with me, but I was not finished with Longfellow………

Lessons learned as a mischievious cub:


That versus today’s insidious and purposely over-stimulating & distracting social media, I find few things (except for orgasming and a prime ribeye steak) more enjoyable than immersing myself in a good book.

Having read hundreds of tomes in my life-time, I know that their imparted knowledge still dwells in my subconscious which comprises 95% of our brains.


Most grateful for Lita’s insistence of turning off the TV, so that I could fully concentrate on what I was reading and really learn.